Hold on

Hold on

I love roller coasters. The twist and turns, the quick drops…I love the thrill of it all. For most rides, I prefer screaming with my hands held over my head. But even I will hold on to the safety bar for dear life when the ride becomes a little too intense. The tiny bit of security the bar provides eases my anxiety in that moment, so, I hold on.

Isn’t life like that sometimes? We’re up so high and then without warning a giant drop. Regardless of your background, life is going to take you on a ride. A ride that education, family, friends or counselors can’t always prepare you for. But you’ve got to hold on. You’ve got to hold on to your faith. You’ve got to trust that you’re secure and that when those twists, turns and drops come to an end you’ll still be okay. Yes…you might be a little nauseous, irritated, might ache a little from the turbulence but you’ve got to hold on until the end.

What is at the end you ask? No more pain, no more sickness - eternity with our Creator. If you choose to not give up. If you choose to not turn your back on God despite the roller coaster of life. If you accept Christ as your Lord and Savior - the end will be beautiful and more than worth it.

So, please, hold on. Because your life depends on it.



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