Protect your spirit

Protect your spirit

It’s real out here. Watching the news at this point feels like a nightmare or horror film. How much misery can the heart take? No, but really? If you’re anything like me, you may cry when seeing tears well up in the eyes of others. More than ever I’ve replayed my favorite mantra in my mind “protect your spirit” over and over again.

It is OK to take a break from the news. The world in its current state in many ways may feel toxic. You are no less a supporter of a movement if you miss an activism repost. Release that pressure you place on yourself — or — the pressure you may feel has been placed on you by our culture. You know who you are and you know your heart. Whether you donate in private, defend marginalized communities outside of social media or send up prayers, you know your heart. Be gentle with yourself. Mental health matters and you have nothing to prove.

Remember to treat EVERYONE with love and respect, yourself included. Remember to protect your spirit.

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