I’ll be the first to admit…I’ve been guilty of wanting what I want when I want it. I’ve grown more patient in recent (heavy emphasis on recent) months. Still every now and then my patience runs thin and I become antsy. The truth is life would seemingly be a lot less complicated if our dreams were fulfilled on our time schedule, right? Well, not really. I’m learning that God keeps things moving at His pace to protect us. Often times when we get in the way and speed things up OR stop moving we cause more harm than good.

I’m sure you’ve been asked “What’s your 5 year plan?” at some point in your life. Your vision board or Pinterest aesthetic might be top of the line. Maybe you’ve been saving for marriage, your dream home and first child - now the only thing left is your mate to build with. Maybe you’re chasing your dream. You’re giving it all you have but you can’t catch a break. Or maybe you fell off track. You’re trying to make up for loss time but everyone keeps slamming doors in your face. You’re at a stand still.

Often when we feel helpless we either sink or start panicking. These are the moments when we have to be intentional about choosing to trust God’s perfect timing. It’s like swimming in a pool as a beginner. Your instructor is going to teach you the basics to build up your confidence. Eventually your fear of drowning in the pool will leave. You will gradually build up to swimming in the deep end. Who knows how long it may take for your confidence to build up to swim in the ocean. You have to wait until you’re ready so that you won’t feel helpless. Rather than sinking or panicking your body will be relaxed enough to peacefully float.

God wants us to experience that type of peace in our lives when we trust His timing. Being in a frenzy trying to speed up our journey or force pieces together that don’t fit is stressful. When you find yourself feeling helpless or angry - talk to God. Ask him for guidance. Seek his will for your life. My conversations with God are informal. There have been times when I’ve said things like “God…I’m trying to be patient, I’ve been praying, I’m trying down here…any word on the next step?". The “still” season serves a different purpose for all of us. Trust that yours is building you up for something greater. Don’t sink and don’t panic. Trust His perfect timing and will for your life. 

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